Português LabEL® - Laboratório de Engenharia da Linguagem


A number of researchers and students have been involved in the construction of LABEL-LEX, under the direction of Samuel Eleutério and Elisabete Ranchhod. Major contributions have been given by: Jorge Baptista, Helena Freire, Cristina Mota, Paula Carvalho, Pedro Cordeiro and Ana Cristina Oliveira.

Currently, the LABEL-LEX is structured in several inter-related modules, each organized according to the formal complexity of the linguistic objects it contains. The three main modules are:

LabEL's language resources are integrated into three public corpus processors based on automata technology:

Lexical resources are used by EELO, a public service for Portuguese text annotation (tagging) via Internet, developed by the LabEL's team.

LABEL-LEX is also distributed by ELRA, the European Language Resources Association (