Português LabEL® - Laboratório de Engenharia da Linguagem


The LabEL (Laboratório de Engenharia da Linguagem) was founded by Elisabete Ranchhod and Samuel Eleutério in 1995, as a subgroup of CAUTL, a research unit of the IST, Technical University of Lisbon. In 2005, LabEL has joined the ONSET-Centro de Estudos da Linguagem, a research unit of the University of Lisbon.

The LabEL’s research is committed to developing Portuguese broad-coverage Language Resources (computational lexicons and grammars) for Natural Language Processing applications: the LABEL-LEX system.

The training of young researchers in Linguistics and NLP is another commitment of LabEL. A number of masters and PhD theses have been / are being supervised by LabEL's senior researchers.

The LabEL research activities are developed in close cooperation with international and national universities and research centers. In particular, LabEL is a member of the RELEX European network.